Relieving Painful Inflammatory Conditions with Pet Laser Therapy in Colchester, CT

If your pet is moving slower than usual, limping, whining or showing a reluctance to engage in their usual activities, they could be in pain. However, there are many instances where a pet may show few, if any, signs at all! One of our veterinarians can help you identify subtle changes in your pet’s behavior that might indicate a painful condition and work to diagnose the problem.

Along with oral medication and supplements, Colchester Veterinary Hospital also offers MLS (Multiwave Locked System) laser therapy to treat a variety of painful conditions in cats and dogs.

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Pet Laser Therapy in Colchester, CT
Cat laying on her back relaxing

When Can Laser Therapy Be Used?

Laser therapy can help to repair tissue damage, improve mobility and restore your dog and cat to a happier, healthier lifestyle. We recommend this procedure for pets that are:

  • Having invasive surgery (incisional therapy)
  • Having dental extractions (dental laser therapy)
  • Living with chronic issues like arthritis, ear infections, degenerative joint or disc disease, hot spots, or hip/elbow dysplasia
  • Experiencing an acute problem such as a sprain, broken bone, flesh wound, or infection

What is MLS Laser Therapy?

Pet laser therapy uses light energy to penetrate skin and muscle tissue and heal damaged areas. This energy interacts with the body’s cells and produces a photochemical effect, reducing pain and inflammation and accelerating the healing process.

While in use, our equipment emits laser beams in continuous, synchronized pulses to decrease swelling and lessen pain in our patients. This results in shorter treatments and a shorter recovery time.


A Multimodal Approach

MLS laser therapy enables our team to offer a multimodal approach to pet pain management. This means that we can combine laser therapy treatments with medication and other traditional pain-relieving options to either supplement your pet’s care or minimize pharmaceutical usage in their treatment.

Every pet should have a pain management plan best suited to their health and lifestyle. That’s why we value the multimodal approach—it allows for customizable treatment that pinpoints specific issues and relieves pain more effectively.

Does your pet seem to be in pain? Do they have an ongoing problem you’d like to address? Call our hospital at (860) 537-3435 or book an appointment online for more information about our laser therapy service.