Veterinarian Near Salem, CT Offering 24/7 Pet Care

Veterinarian Near Salem, CT

At Colchester Veterinary Hospital, we’re proud to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep Salem area pets healthy and happy. We know that sharing your life with a pet requires a lot of responsibility, and like you, we don’t take a day off when it comes to providing for their needs. Our veterinarians and staff are just as dedicated to your companion’s well-being as you are. With advanced medical and diagnostic equipment and an array of services to improve and maintain your pet’s health, our animal hospital can support them at every stage of life.

Call us at (860) 347-8387 or use the online form to book an appointment with our Salem veterinarians!

Other Veterinary Services at Our Animal Hospital Near Salem, CT

In addition to the essentials, our animal hospital also offers a full range of diagnostic services for better treatment. These include digital X-ray, in-house laboratory testing, and ultrasound. Having reliable diagnostics on hand allows us to more effectively help our patients and prevent the onset of illness.

Meet Our Vets Near Salem, CT

We take pride in our veterinarians and staff members. You can expect them to care for your pet with the same dedication and compassion that you provide on a daily basis. If you live in the Salem, CT area and need a veterinarian you can trust with your pet’s life-long care, take a moment to meet our veterinarians!

Call (860) 537-3435 or use our online form to book an appointment with our veterinarians near Salem, CT today!

Dog at our animal hospital near Norwich, CT